Our Mission

The mission of Acolyte Advisors is to serve a select group of clients whose needs and values are at the center of our dedicated focus. We will help you identify the financial life you desire while building a meaningful plan to support your vision of success. Acolyte Advisors is committed to providing the following core values to our clients.

Our approach to the wealth management process is consultative in nature. Acolyte Advisors will take the time to understand the client’s unique situation and help them identify their goals and implement strategies to help achieve those objectives.

We assist our clients with objective, comprehensive advice. Acolyte Advisors maintains that always serving the best interests of the client is paramount and is accomplished by providing services on a Fee-Only basis that is not contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product.

Our focus is to deliver custom solutions and thoughtful guidance tailored to address our clients’ financial challenges and opportunities. We continually review progress, measure results against client objectives and make adjustments as necessary.

Who we Serve

Getting Started: If you are a young professional, perhaps just starting a family, you may have questions ranging from monthly household budgets to long-term financial goals such as…

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Nearing Retirement: You are now closer than ever to reaching your retirement after years of hard work and diligent saving. You have been following an investment strategy…

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 Recently Retired: You have reached the point in your life where you are ready to enjoy spending time with the people and activities you love. It is important to define your vision for this next stage…

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Business Owners: As a business owner, it is necessary to balance the short-term needs of your company with the broader, strategic goals of your business. Your family, clients and…

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